Este o aplicaţie scrisă în PyGTK care permite uploadul şi manevrarea de imagini pe dispozitive iPod (în Linux desigur). Deocamdată, în afară de acest program nu prea ai cu ce să bagi imagini pe iPod-uri Nano, Photo sau Video, aşa că this is your best bet.
Nou în GPixPod 0.6.1
– Reacting to double-click on image displaying fullscreen
– Slideshow at intervals of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds
– Slideshow keys combinations (PageUp/P – PageUp/N – Esc/Q)
– New Export menu with save thumbnails options
– Fixed iPod Photo/Color fullscreen thumbnail
– Made HAL autodetection completely disabled by default
(it segfaults in Ubuntu Edgy)
– Using mmpython to get image date from EXIF headers, for
the path to store the image (patch by William Waghorn)
– Fixed proper size of the album icon when adding a new one
– Fixed bash script as suggested at #1549407
– New packages with correct dependencies

Download UBUNTU .deb