După un an de aşteptare, SkyPe a lansat o nouă versiune pentru Linux: Are suport ALSA, filtru pentru lista de contacte şi alte chestii noi pe care le aşteptam.
Din changelog:

  • * bugfix: Call Tab: Call participant display name is distorted/overlapped.
  • * bugfix: Disable toolbar user items if the user has been deselected via the Escape key.
  • * bugfix: Display an error in the Options dialog if no sound devices are detected.
  • * bugfix: Display correct input/output device in technical info tooltip.
  • * bugfix: Display the randomly chosen port instead of 0 in the Advanced options.
  • * bugfix: Don’t play incoming chat sound for /alertsoff windows.
  • * bugfix: Double-clicking call history items whilst offline should not attempt to call.
  • * bugfix: Emoticons not displayed sometimes (adjacent to word) or displayed incorrectly (in the middle of url).
  • * bugfix: Fix connecting sound (should not loop).
  • * bugfix: Fix title bar for Hello! from Skypename.
  • * bugfix: Multi Chat: “Add more people to this chat” is missing for languages with hieroglyphic scripts.
  • * bugfix: Offer ALSA/OSS options with number of devices available shown.
  • * bugfix: Options dialog was shrinking to hide an option in Advanced, moved to Privacy.
  • * bugfix: Options layout is too big – can’t see option’s save and cancel buttons in 1024×768 resolution.
  • * bugfix: Promote Add to Contacts: Yes share my contact details doesn’t open Auth request.
  • * bugfix: Promote Add to Contacts: remove avatar and make window smaller.
  • * bugfix: Reset audio device if device no longer exists on startup / options dialog.
  • * bugfix: Show *.png/*.PNG files in the profile avatar dialog.
  • * bugfix: Some languages have an “|” in the “Add Contact” button.
  • * bugfix: Tab ordering in Options – Sound Devices dialog.

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